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For The Ones Who Broke Roots To Find Wings

To the wild hearts, the black sheep, the strong minds, the freedom seekers, and the self-thinkers; the ones who knew they had to leave to grow; who found strength in the lowest valleys and then ran for the highest hills. It wasn't an easy journey. But you made it.

Despite the shame and the guilt you were forced to carry, you found ways to love yourself enough to keep moving forward. You suffered through countless nights of terrors and tears. You walked each day haunted by the voices from your past. There were times you wanted to give in to them and give up on yourself. But you didn't. And now you're thriving. It doesn't mean the voices are gone. It doesn't mean you've forgotten. It just means you've found a way for your soul to shine against everyone who tried to extinguish it. You are a survivor.

You watched toxic, generational sludge pour from cup to cup until it reached your own and the cycle came to an end. The curse that plagued the places and people you came from would lose its strength and die with you. They weren't strong enough to fight it. Because of that, you watched as their lives withered away. You told yourself that you would do better. And you did. It doesn't mean it was easy. But it was worth it. You have your life back. This time you're going to live it to the fullest.

There will be days where you wonder if you were wrong. The gaslighting from people who don't know better and from a society that pressures you to stay rooted in your foundation can make you feel overwhelmed and apprehensive. They will work hard to make you feel like the villain in your own story. You might question yourself over and over again, especially when the guilt bubbles back up inside your mind. But one day you find a way to quell the insecurities and answer the doubt with confidence. You realize that the voice inside you- the one formed by your own intuition and instinct- is the only one you can trust. When you give it space to be heard, you learn to live again.

It isn't fair that some of us are born into such a curse. But that is what makes us strong. We overcame the odds, we stepped off the beaten path, we found a way to survive and now our possibilities are endless. The world is in our hands. We are survivors. We are healers. We are lovers. We are free. Nobody can ever take that from us, because it is a constant truth that lives within.

So we continue living in truth, love and empathy; the kind we never knew before we showed it to ourselves. We spread compassion and light, so others don't live in the same darkness we once knew. We live in strength and we walk in confidence, because we know how it ends for those that don't. Our refusal to succumb to the curse, and our ability to overcome all the odds is what makes us so amazing.

Where you are is not where you used to be. Where you came from doesn't define you. Who you are is perfect. Keep walking. Keep living. And never, ever turn back.

Roots And Wings

We're weary of the holy rollers,

the cold-shouldered

Christian soldiers.

bible thumping

creed imposers


Faith encroachers.

We don't want your Sunday best,

your latent tests

your sacred texts.

We don't want your creaky pews

your gossip news

your pious schmooze

(or the undisclosed booze you sneak before noon)

We're here for the non believers

the independent



secret keepers


freedom seekers

The ones who found themselves confused

standing in a room accused


With their minds abused

Left in the dark with

Something to prove.

extinguished souls will burn again

Broken hearts will beat

We'll rip our roots from the ground beneath

And there,

We'll find our wings.

Yours Authentically,


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